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Bring a Loved One to Lunch


Event: Bring a Loved One to Lunch 

Date: Friday, March 10, 2023

Time:  During your child's lunch time (Kinder: 12:45-1:05, 1st 11:25-11:45, 2nd 12:25-12:45, 3rd 11:05-11:25, 4th 12:05-12:25, 5th 11:45-12:05)

Location: Eat outside on the grass with your loved one.  

Information: RSVP required by Thursday, March 9, 2023 - click here for the form

Students are welcome to bring a loved one to eat outside on the grass during their lunch time.  Loved ones: please sign in at the office and then you will be escorted to the lunchroom.  You are welcome to bring a blanket to sit on and bring a special lunch for the student or the student can take a school lunch. 

Enjoy this quality time :) 

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