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3rd Grade 


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3rd Grade


3rd Grade Suggested Supply List 



Recommended Supplies for Third Grade

  • Personal Headphones for Chromebooks  

  • #2 Pencils free of designs  

  • 2 - 1-subject spiral notebooks  or composition books

  • 1 Package dry erase markers with eraser (an old sock works well)  

  • 1 Package multi-colored highlighters

  • 1 Package colored pencils  

  • 2 Large glue sticks  

  • 1 Pair children’s scissors  

  • Erasers (pink pearl works best)  

(Please do not bring binders or pencil boxes. Space is limited.)


Classroom Supplies  

  • 2 Boxes Kleenex  

  • 2 Reams copy paper  

  • 1 Bottle of hand sanitizer, (no soap)  

  • 1 Container Clorox or Lysol Wipes  

  • 1 Box Zipper Sandwich Bags OR 1 Box Zipper Gallon Size Bags 

Thank you, 

The Third Grade Team

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